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Tabletop Strategy and Tactics for Haz-Mat Incidents

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This four-day multi-media workshop designed for fire service officers responsible for managing emergency incidents involving hazardous materials/WMD agents. The course is delivered using PowerPoint slides, video, reference materials, and a tabletop simulator. Students work in small and large groups to examine case studies and solve tabletop simulated incidents that range from simple gasoline spills to large transportation/industrial occupancy and WMD scenarios.

Our instructor will use a series of modules designed to assure student success by building on lessons learned through life and classroom interaction. In each session participants will learn concepts and practice essential skills necessary to prepare themselves to meet the stressful demands of an emergency incident and the professional qualification standards 29 CFR 1910.120 (q)(6)(v), NFPA-472 Chapter 8 (2013), NFPA-1500 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 (2013), NFPA-1561 4.5, 5.3. (2014)

All students participate in activities that help them to develop the skills necessary to analyze the incident to determine the scope of the problem in terms of outcomes, develop/communicate a written plan of action within the capabilities and limitations of member training, PPE, and control equipment, implement the planned response to favorably change the outcome of the event, evaluate progress to ensure safe, efficient, and effective operations, and to terminate the incident in accordance with regulatory requirements. Size up, risk benefit, action planning, ICS management, and communication skills are tested as students implement their action plans using the table-top simulator components.

The class provides a rewarding, highly interactive environment where students reinforce their own skills and learn from the instructor as well as the other students. Students rate the instruction and training as outstanding, among the most valuable training they have experienced. The class can be tailored and scheduled for the volunteer, career and combination departments.