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Live Fire Training for Emergency Incidents

Live Fire Training for Emergency Incidents

This demonstration of fire behavior using live fire in an acquired structure is designed for fire service trainers and officers responsible for emergency incident strategy and tactics. The training is delivered using, slides, video, acquired structures, scientific instruments, fire, smoke and various tools available to the fire service craftsperson. Participants will learn to size up a structure to estimate the intensity and location of a fire in a building. During fire demonstrations thermocouples are placed throughout the structure to help students' correlate visible exterior queues to actual fire conditions and temperatures inside the structure.

The classroom portion includes instruction on fire behavior that will be visible during the live fire training. On the fire ground participants will learn the techniques of a walk around size up, and observe fire behavior from ignition, to extinguishments. Students will learn to identify the differences between a contents and a fire that has extended to the structure. Participants will have the opportunity to observe the extinguishing characteristics of various types of fire service nozzles.

The class provides a rewarding, highly interactive environment where participants reinforce their own skills and learn from the instructor as well as the other participants. Students rate the instruction and training as outstanding, among the most valuable training they have experienced.

Below is a list of videos associated with this training