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ITAC Tabletop Command and Control of Major Operations

ITAC Tabletop Command and Control of Major Operations

This multi-media workshop, designed for fire service officers responsible for emergency incident management at structural and hazardous materials incidents. The materials are delivered using slides, video and a tabletop simulator. Students work in small and large groups to examine case studies and solve tabletop simulated incidents that range from simple hazmat and f irst alarm commercial to large multiple story commercial and industrial occupancies with hazmat and WMD challenges.

The classroom exercises include training for ICS management and the practice of skills and techniques using the tabletop simulator. Students practice fire ground communication skills as well as work with a communication model designed to reduce confusion and errors at the emergency scene. Included in the tabletop simulator activities are hands-on practices of modern accountability systems that meet the objectives of NFPA 1500.

Working as individuals and in small groups students learn to identify critical hazmat and fire ground problems in simulated incidents and to develop action plans to solve each problem. The action plans are exercised and communication skills tested as students implement the action plans using the simulator.

The class provides a rewarding, highly interactive environment where students reinforce their own skills and learn from the instructor as well as other students. Students rate the instruction and training as outstanding, among the most valuable training they have experienced.

The maximum benefit is achieved from this class when the student possesses extensive command experience or has attended the Strategy and Tactics for Emergency Incidents class from the same instructors.