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Assessment Centers

Assessment Centers

The InSource Assessment Center process consists of a variety of testing techniques designed to allow candidates the opportunity to demonstrate in standardized conditions; the skills and abilities most essential for success in the position being tested. The results of this process will provide your agency with the knowledge and information necessary to make an informed decision regarding appointment of the appropriate personnel for your agency.

Exercises are designed to evaluate the candidate's skills in communication, problem identification and analysis, supervision, leadership, interpersonal relations, and stress tolerance.

We work with your team to evaluate and analyze the job, identify performance dimensions, develop the measurement exercises, train the assessors, conduct the assessment center process, tabulate the scoring, and provide feedback for the candidate.

Our goal is to provide a realistic fair testing process that identifies the best candidates for a position and a learning opportunity for individual growth. InSource associates provides training for individuals or groups preparing for an assessment center process, and for conferences and seminars.

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